Charizard vs. Ivysaur vs. Squirtle: who should my amiibo start with?

Until the release of the Pokemon Trainer amiibo, the character of Pokemon Trainer was only represented by the Charizard amiibo, who was the only character of the trio that was playable in Smash 4, and thus received his own amiibo. Every Pokemon Trainer submitted to tournaments prior to the release of Pokemon Trainer was actually a Charizard amiibo that now functioned as Pokemon Trainer.

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Powersaves vs. Arena Tournaments

Back in update 3.1, Nintendo added the ability to set a new type of online arena: an amiibo arena. People who had trained amiibo but never joined the competitive scene took this as a way to host amiibo tournaments, and a few small ones sprouted up.

Unfortunately, arenas are not very conducive towards hosting multiple-set large amiibo tournaments, for a variety of reasons. In this article, we’ll discuss the significant advantages that Powersaves-hosted tournaments have over arena tournaments.

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The hill I will die on

A Nintendo Direct just came out, and with it the reveal of Banjo-Kazooie! They’ll be available later today.

In the meantime, a slew of new Mii Fighter costumes have been released! Namely… Sans. From Undertale.

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Should edited amiibo be legal?

As we discussed in Skipping steps in 20XX,  amiibo behavior editing has now been discovered. A few prototypes have been released with particular edits and properties, and they’ve achieved a mixed bag of results. Many of them have performed at mediocre levels, but a select few have achieved some level of success.

Specifically, an edited Ridley amiibo was entered into Amiibo Action: Epitome of Laziness and won. Though we shouldn’t ignore the fact that Clockwerk’s Kirby placed second and is becoming a serious threat in the scene, and that Adam2qaz’ Mii Brawler took third, this is the first time that an edited amiibo has been entered into a tournament and placed first.

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